Professional Natural Care

Natural Face Treatments are the most efficient way to get The the perfect skin.

Keeping the face glamorous  starts with Every day Beauty Regime and  once in a wile going throw the magnifying glass in the SPA. All our beauty treatments are based on natural ingredients and are made in accordance with the steps and layers of our Professional 7 series. The treatments renew the skin, strengthen the skin’s overall tone, support the process of clarifying pigmentation and prepare the skin for treatment at home with the products.

Ori Laor is one of the finest aestheticians in Israel and has been operating for nearly three decades in the field of aesthetics, cosmetics and professional Beauty. Ori Laor offers its customers the best technology and Ingrediants that the global cosmetics in the world has to offer and combines his work with current techniques and ancient ones. Ori holds a BFA and other various diplomas in a variety of treatment and these knowledge affect and enhance the way he sees what is special in any face. A Treatment with Ori is a unique experience for the skin and for the soul, and no treatment is similar to another.

“I personally invite you to experience a personal tailored Face treatment, A comprehensive face treatment that give support to the foundation of the skin while enhancing the glow and clarity of the facial skin”

 Ori Laor

The Classic Beauty Treatment

Classic Face Cleansing Treatment For all Skin Types

This Comprehensive treatment combines deep cleansing of the skin with steam machine and gentle exfoliating supports the natural breathing process of the skin and encourages cellular renewal.  The treatment includes cleaning blackheads and insertion of nutrients and active products as Hyaluronic acid and bio- mimetic peptides, which support the foundation of the skin. The Treatment includes eye area firming mask and a radiant gold mask, helping the skin have radiant results over time .The Treatment prepares the skin and improve the efficiency of home care results.

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The Ultimate Anti Aging Face Treatment

Advanced Anti Aging Treatment with RF Radio Frequency and  IPL Intense Pulsed Light  

Effective treatment combines innovative technology with active natural ingredients. The treatment includes cleansing the skin and inserting Hyaluronic acid using RF (Radio Frequency) Machine and IPL Intense Pulsed Light for Rejuvenation of the face skin, causing an “ironing” effect of the skin and reducing wrinkle depth. Treatment works to encourage the creation of collagen and elastin in the skin that contribute to firming of the skin and the renewal of new skin cells deep in the skin. The Treatment smooths the skin over time and contributes to more effective results with the products used at home.

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The Glamorous Diamond and Oxygen Treatment

Instant Beauty Treatments with Diamond Peel, oxygen Insertion and Gold Mask

Innovative treatment smooths the skin and encourages the creation of new skin cells. The treatment includes special skin cleansing and effective and safe diamond peel treatment, smooths gently dead cells that are stuck on the epidermis, thus revealing new and fresh cells. The complementary treatment with oxygen generator contributes to effective insertion of active ingredients Layered in Gold Mask deep into the skin. This treatment is recommended for all ages and gives good results when it is done as a series of monthly treatments to refresh and renew tired skin and supports pigmentation treatment. The Treatment prepares the skin for treatment with a series of home care products carrying the preservation of its results.

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The Photoshop Laser Treatment

Peeling Renewing Treatment with laser spot removing action for Clearing the face from Brown Spots Pigmentation and Wrinkles

Para medical and effective treatment causes the skin to peel; the peeling can be applied light, medium or strong working on the deep layers of the epidermis. This Treatment is implemented via safe and innovative compound of amino acids that cause organized shedding activity of outer skin layers and bring rapid renewal of the skin without damaging or jeopardizing the inner layers of the skin.  The treatment smooths the skin and causes dramatic rejuvenation in the appearance of the skin, removes fine lines and wrinkles, contributes general clarification, refines skin blemishes and skin imperfections that have accumulated over the years. This treatment has great results that are saved over time and is recommended as an advanced and rapid clarification treatment.

יעוץ טיפול פנים

Derma Pen Mesotherapy Treatment

Deep Rejuvenation Treatment For Contouring and Firming The face

A Professional Anti-aging facial Treatment for effective renewal and rejuvenation of the skin. The Treatment is carried out using a manual  Mesotherapy Needle  roller or using a para-medical device called Derma-pen, causing controlled injury to the epidermis by inserting disposable needles to the skin in high speed at a depth of 0.25 mm to 2 mm as needed and depending on the patient skin. This treatment involves piercing a large density of microscopic perforations in the layers of the skin and thus causes accelerating metabolism, oxygen and blood flow, and an extensive regeneration activity that accelerates the creation of Cologne and elastin in the skin. During the treatment active ingredients are inserted in to the skin such as Hyaluronic Acid and active peptides that are driven deep into the skin. This method improves the appearance of the skin and renewal of cells creating glowing and radiant skin. The Mesotherapy treatment gives very effective results for mature and lifeless skin contributes to the clarification of scars, spots and wrinkles for all skin types.

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Serenity is  bliss Face Treatment

Relaxing and Pampering Face Treatment for Sensitive Skin and Seborrhea

A Refined and effective treatment,  for the gentle and sensitive skin. This Treatment restores the skin to its natural shine and enriches it with moisture. Good for lifeless skin, redness and skin with seborrhea. The Treatment Combines gentle active ingredients and soothing natural nutrients which balance the skin from within. The Treatment increases and regulates skin cell production process, thereby contributing to a firm looking skin, smoothing wrinkles and spots clarification. It is excellent to combine this treatment with products for delicate and sensitive skin.

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Clear Face Deep Acne Treatment

This Treatment is for all ages with Oily Face Disorders. It Suits Teenagers Face problems and Women with Hormonal problem causing Acne in the Face. With Para Medical Ingredients and IPL Blue Light Therapy.

This Deep Treatment includes Special Steam preparation and Masks. Overall cleaning of pimples and blackheads from all the pores and using a designated peeling mask to eliminate any infection. Combined with Special IPL Blue Light Therapy Treatment – phototherapy it ends the live cycle of infection in the skin. The treatment immediately calms the skin and balances the sebaceous glands in the skin over time. The treatment combines natural and advanced Para medical ingredients especially Azelaic Acid. The treatment balances and sterilizes the sebaceous glands in the skin and heals inflammation which is common in states of acne. The treatment reduces significantly the production of blackheads and pimples in the skin. The Treatment soothes the skin over time and supports the home care treatment to eliminate pimples and acne at any age.

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