Acne home treatment in three steps

Treating Acne with Laor products gives fast results and smooth facial skin. We recommend a combination of active products with professional treatments In Laor center. The professional treatment takes care with the source of the problem and it is supportive with the home care products. We also recommend dietary changes appropriate to the patient’s lifestyle and particularly the reduction and cessation of milk products that disrupt the normal functioning of the sebaceous glands in the skin, responsible for the production of oil and sebum; it is the main component to cause pimples. The Products are all natural, effective and operate in three easy steps to cure the infection in the subcutaneous glands that is typical to acne. Taking self-Care with the products is easy and does not require a long time, also it have no side effects and the improvement of skin appearance is visible immediately.

Step 1: Cleaning – Is the basis for the prevention of pimples. Keeping the skin smooth require thorough cleansing of the skin. The cleansing step disinfects and removes the dead cells that accumulate every day and block the pores. Accumulation of dead cells in the skin produces jam in the pores and is expressed in pimples. It is recommended to clean the skin with soap 1A and exfoliating product number 8. It is recommended to complete the cleanup with face disinfectants toner containing alcohol and herbs – product number 4. The clay mask No. 11 is recommended daily to absorb the excess oil from the skin and reducing open pores.

Step 2: Balance – Parra Medical ingredients help to control inflammation and balances the action of the sebaceous glands in the face. Professional Treatment reduces inflammation and addresses the source of the Pimples, contributes to a clear healthy skin. This step supports the deep relaxation of the skin and reduces the production of oil and skin pimples. It is recommended to use daily a balance cream for acne, product No -20 and combine weekly with the use of glycolic solution product No 19P Phase 1 with azelaic acid and the cream from Phase 2 product number 20, to suppress the infection. Propolis extract product No 17 contributes to healing pimples and calming the skin. When the skin feels dry and itchy moisturizer can be integrated like product number 51.

Step 3: Rehabilitation – to maintain the results of home and professional treatments it essential to take care every day from the sun and environmental pollution. Protection from the sun with sunscreen, product number 72, is a critical step to avoid the appearance of spots and pimples and stop the processes of skin darkening and scaring. For topical treatment of pimples nightly, it is advised to use propolis extract with green clay product number 65.

There is a solution for acne at any age. We will be happy to guide and accompany you through the process of recovering from Acne and oily skin problems.