LAOR Anti Aging

You can’t stop time; naturally we all mature and go through changes in our skin and body over the years. Not all changes must happen and definitely you can slow down the speed of aging with the help of Laor anti aging treatments.

In order to understand what is anti aging it is better to start with understanding the aging process. Naturally with the years the metabolism slows down and created Toxic buildup in the cells which slow down the renewal of the skin. In addition, aging is more than anything a process of oxygenation, meaning ongoing damage of the body cells by free radicals.

All Laor products are especially enriched with etheric oils, progressive amino acids , vitamins and minerals that are all antioxidant substances meaning – extremely powerful natural antioxidants. Actually all Laor products are anti aging products, they have wide range of active effective ingredients. In similarity to our natural body antioxidants in Laor products there is one free electron, and they open for you a healthy way to fight free radicals and the damages created with time.

Laor’s anti aging components combination nourish and treat face and body, rectify and prevents damages. Some of the substances are absorbed into the internal body systems and contribute to the general health. With the help of Laor anti aging series you can significantly delay aging and even prevent some of the reactions that are connected to the oxidation process. The target is not a hopeless battle against age and time, but natural, healthy quality treatment that will allow you to enjoy a beautiful, radiant spotless skin in all stages in life.

We are exposed to free radicals in every breath we take, but not only this way radicals find their way to the body, also through pollution, radiation, chemicals in food or drinks, smoking etc.

Free radicals are also created inside the body as a result of tension, stress or strenuous activity.

The free radical is actually a molecule or an atom with one free electron, with powerful electric charge and high movement ability. The same electron creates rapidly and violently a strong chemical reaction with all body cells that stand it its way. The ongoing affect of the damaging more and more radicals throughout the years in the body cell creates what we call physical deterioration of body cells and aging.

Naturally the body has a defense mechanism against this reaction, its natural Antioxidants. These materials are built to supply the free radical electron and this way turn it to a stable chemical molecule that does not hurt the cells around it.

The foundation stone of Laor natural cosmetics

Laor components are natural, pure and of high quality to give your skin the best care. We use oils that were produced only in natural processes with no substitutes or reconstituted Chemicals.

In Laor products there is a high concentration of active natural ingredients. Thanks to our components we create for you the total and perfect answer for beautiful and radiant complexion.