Laor ethical Code

Laor is a leading cosmetic company for natural and professional cosmetics products, who manufacture its products in Israel. Laor operate according to a scale of values that bind its long experience in manufacturing and marketing natural and active products and the experience with handling best service to our customers all around the world. We treat the facial skin using our unique Layer system, and market natural products clean from chemicals, changing the skin complexion in a healthy way. A long-standing collaboration with our customers proves that consistency give long-term results and they are expressed in glowing and youthful skin.

  • Esthetics

    Harmony and inner and outer beauty

    Laor gives birth to a unique aesthetic approach accessible to everyone. The body and mind are in harmonious connection and the skin acts as a reflector of both of them to the world. We offer services in the field of beauty based on a balance between the human component and fine products that are integrated into harmony of inner and outer beauty.

  • Cleanliness

    Health and environmental awareness

    Cleanliness value represents the initial basis for health. Maintaining premium personal hygiene is known for increasing the quality of life, especially in a time where we are surrounded by all kinds of environmental pollution. Using natural products free of carcinogenic substances increases the value of personal cleanliness and contributes to environmental protection.

  • Innovation

    Continuous improvement and professionalism

    Today the world is developing at a record speed and offers cosmetic innovations day by day. In Laor we are always on alert and with close supervision with regard to developments in the field of professional beauty and cosmetics. We are glad to share our new information with our customers, and publish any product or treatment after it has been tested by us first.

  • Humanity

    Family and wise consumption

    Laor was created in order to bring everyone access to fine and professional cosmetics products in sane prices, suitable for every pocket. All our customers are connected with each other through Laor ideas, All striving for continuous improvement in beauty. Using the natural products we produce saves not only us as individuals but also help to preserve the big earth family.

  • Responsibility

    Teamwork and personal support

    Laor team is very well trained and brings high personal skills in the field of cosmetic counseling and mentoring. The talented team has high human sensitivity and empathy for the customer with professional familiarity with the products. We adapt to each person the best treatment plan and provide personalized support with all channels.

These Five values ​​represent the desire for excellence underlies Laor dynamic activity.

We strive to instill our values ​​to all our, new and loyal customers of our VIP club. Those who choose to use the products that we manufacture enjoy high-quality natural products from the best raw materials and technologies in the world. We Follow and monitor continuously after any changes in the world of beauty and constantly updating our customers with new products and developments in therapeutic techniques. The ideal of beauty is the basis of all human society and we try to be in the forefront and help each one reach his personal beauty goals. Laor invites you to join the family. Thank you.