LAOR Formula

Laor Advanced Technology

Laor development and manufacturing group, under the responsibility of the company owner – Ori Laor, is continually updated with all latest developments in the cosmetics field and particularly Cell regeneration Technologies. All the products are based on Nano and Bio Technologies, The Bio Tech research, of skin Mechanism, has found that Amino acids imitate the natural activity of the skin, Accelerates and motivate the natural renewal of Collagen and the formation of new cells. In Nanotechnology research, science has succeeded to minimize Amino acid molecules to the point they can actually penetrate the skin and imitate the behavior of young skin. Laor’s products are based on these technologies to allow our clients products with tremendous effectiveness and all from natural healthy ingredients.

The Natural Formula

All our Products have an integrated base formula that includes a special cocktail of ingredients that perform a natural preservative activity. The formula is a result of many years of experience, research and development, to suit the most sensitive skin.

Laor Formula is based on pure, natural raw materials which supports the skin in renewing itself in a healthy and radiant way.

Our formulas are free of chemicals, mineral oils, animal ingredients, alcohol, preservatives or any other ingredient that can harm or can cause allergies. Laor formulas are not tested on animals and are based on the experience of many people throughout the years.

Laor natural care products are made from the combination of our unique formulas and a wide range of Peptides, amino acids, essential Oils, herbal medicine, vitamins and various active ingredients, all achieving excellent results.