Seborrhea home care – day and night treatment

Laor Skin Care Series act to balance the sebaceous glands in the face and reduce the production of sebum secreted by the skin, this action reduces skin redness and scaling that accompanies it. Amino acids, oils and vitamins are the most effective ingredients treating the Seborrhea problem. We also recommend that those who suffer from this skin disorder will use only natural shampoo and soap to stop irritate the skin and slow down the production of sebum in the skin. We recommend regular use of the products morning and night to keep the balance of the sebaceous glands and thus reduce the problem of visible seborrhea.

Day Care – starts with a thorough cleansing of the skin with hydrophilic soap, product number 1 or number 8. Then using cream No 21 / -21 that contain AHA and BHA. This creams balances and reduces sebaceous secretions that cause scaly skin and redness. The daily treatment should be completed with moisture serum No 41/-41 or moisture cream No52. It is important to put on a sun protection cream, product number 72 to reduce the stimulation of sebaceous glands from sun and pollution.

Night Care – includes the removal of dead cells and dirt that has accumulated on the skin during the day, Product No 8. and in-depth of the skin treating sebaceous glands with creams containing amino acids especially Retinol cream No 22, that balances the secretion of sebum and helps to peel of dead cells that block the normal action of breathing in the skin system, causing skin discomfort expressed in dryness and redness. For best calming results it is recommended to use serum No 42 to ease any discomfort of the skin and give it anti-aging properties.