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LAOR company, licensed dealer N0 024913410 (the “Company”) respects the privacy of Web site users which manages and operates: (hereinafter the “Site”), the Company has decided to publish its policy in relation to the protection of privacy on the site, which is committed to the visitors Site sustain this policy.

The purpose of the policy to explain what the company practices with respect to the privacy of users on the site, and how the company uses the information provided to it by users or collected by using the Site.


When using the site’s services, information was collected on you. Some of the information that identifies you personally, ie name and your address, goods and services purchased or sold, the means of payment that you used, and so on. This is the information you provide intentionally, such as when you sign up for services or to purchase the company’s products on the site, if and to the extent that the site will offer them. Some of the information does not identify you personally and is not saved together with the details. It is accumulating statistical information. For example, advertisements on the site read, the pages you visited, offers and services of interest to you, the Internet address (IP) which are applying for and more.


As required personal information during registration sites or when purchasing products on the site, the company will ask you only the information necessary to directly supply the services or to purchase products listed on the site, as applicable.

The database

The data collected will be stored in the database of the company and its responsibility.

Use of information

The information collected will be used only in accordance with this Privacy Policy or the provisions of the law, to –

* To improve and expand the services, products and / or content offered on the site.
* Modify or cancel services, products and / or content on the site.
* To purchase products and services on the site – including publication of information and content.
* To tailor advertisements when you visit the site your fields of interest.
* The information used by the Company will be mainly statistical information that is not personally identifiable.

Direct e-mail

The company wants to occasionally send you e-mail information about its services as well as marketing and promotional information will be sent only only if you have given explicit consent, and any time you can withdraw your consent and stop its receipt.

The company did not give your personal information to advertisers. However, it may transmit statistical information on the activity of users on sites. Statistical information to be transferred not identify you personally.

Providing information to third parties

The company will not transfer to third parties your personal information collected on your site activity only in the following cases: (a) purchasing products and services from third parties offering them for sale through the Site will be transferred to these third parties the information needed to complete the purchase process, (b) in the case of A legal dispute between you and the Company undertakes exposure information, (c) if you make on-site activities contrary to the law, (d) if it receives a court order to hand over details or any information about you to third parties, (e) if the company will sell or transfer in any way the activity any corporation website – and should it merge with another entity or merge the activity site with third party activity, provided that this corporation gets itself to this privacy policy.


The site utilizes (Cookies) for the purpose of ongoing and orderly operation, including collecting statistical data about use of the website, the verification of information, to accommodate the site to your personal preferences and needs of information security. Cookies (Cookies) are text files that your browser creates a command computer running. Some cookies expire when you close your browser and others are saved on your computer’s hard drive. If, for example, you use the operating system “Windows” and the Internet Explorer browser of Socio Microsoft, you can find the directory c / windows / cookies and also in c / windows / Temporary Internet Files. The Cookies contain a variety of information such as pages visited, the time spent on site, where you came to the site, sections and information you have sought during insertion site and more. They are also used to obviate the need to enter your details each time you visit the site again, that require registration.

If you do not wish to receive cookies, you can avoid this by changing the settings in your browser. To do so, please consult the browser’s help file. Remember, however, that disabling cookies may prevent you from using some of the services and features on the site or other Web sites. In addition, you can erase Cookies from your computer at any time.

Policy re-marketing in online advertising

Service providers (third party), including Google, show our ads on sites on the net; Service providers (third party), including Google, use cookies to serve ads based on site visits of your past; You can at any time stop the use of cookies service providers (third party) different by visiting this site: Http://

The right to inspect information

According to Privacy Law – 1981, any person may inspect any information about him kept in a database. Person who peruses such information and found it to be inaccurate, incomplete, and unclear or updated, may contact the owner of the database to amend or delete the data.

Such a request should be addressed to:

In addition, if the information in the database now used for purposes of personally soliciting you, you are entitled under the Privacy Protection Act of 1981 to require written information relating to you deleted from the database.

Changes to Privacy Policy

In any case where this policy will be implemented significant changes in provisions relating to the use of personal information you provide will be published on the notice home page.

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