Laor Layer system treats all of the seven layers of the skin. We encourage applying a number of Natural active layers, one on top of the other; this method allows an accurate treatment and gives a perfect unblemished skin.

In each of Laor creams there is a different active ingredient and every layer cares and treats in a different way. The layers system is based on separating between the active ingredients; this way you are provided with better results.

The secret of the layers system is the reaction between the active ingredients at the moment they contact the skin, this way each ingredient fills its part in the optimal way and various substances do not neutralize each other. True it would have been easier to get it all in one cream, but when you will test it, you will see that the amazing results were worth every minute of investment.

How many layers to use

The number of layers recommended; is your age divided to 10, for example: in your 30’s you need 3 layers, in your 40’s you need 4 layers and so on.

If you are only beginning to treat your skin with Laor’s products and you feel you want to start with less layers to get accustomed to the process, it is good as well.

With Time you will be acquainted with the products and their benefits and you will be able to use more layers to get better results. With this we recommend, for the long run, not to compromise and use all needed layers in order to provide the skin all active and nourishing substances and enjoy the amazing results of using Laor.

How to Choose Products

To create your own personal treatment system it is recommended to combine products from the two stages. Choose according to the number of layers recommended for your age. It is also important to remember to use different Product for day or night to be more effective.