LAOR Center

Laor is an advanced natural Cosmetic Company, Aesthetically committed to results.

Our values rely on aesthetics, cleanliness, innovation, humanity and responsibility that represent the underlying desire for excellence in the daily dynamics of Laor.

Laor is leading with the most Effective Cosmetic Technologies and is always offering Products with the latest discoveries and developments that science has to offer.

Our Vision can be found in every one of our unique products, which are developed in the highest standards in our labs to match all skin types in different stages of life and level of sensitivity.

We believe more than anything in noticeable and visible results.

Laor expertise is in effective solutions for various skin problems such as: Seborrhea dermatitis, pigmentation and sun damages, aging skin, sensitive skin, Acne, Also Body care, and hair products. For more than 15 years Laor is combining nature, Bio and Nano technology for the Art of beauty. Laor Continuously develops and innovate Products to provide every woman and man a beautiful, radiant and vibrant skin.

LAOR is a natural cosmetics company ,specializes in beauty and esthetics and is located in the heart of Tel Aviv.

The Company combines personal consulting, a shop and an online shop as well. We accompany our clients in their personal process from day 1.

Today, Laor labs serve you the latest inventions in the advanced cosmetics field, Mimetic Peptides and Amino acids. The compound of these natural acids is the same as our skin and body .The acids create, in all skin types, effective processes in a natural way without any irritation or problems while exposing to the sun. The peptides are a unique type of tiny amino acids with the ability to Penetrate where the renewal of collagen and elastin take place – the dermis layer. Once the peptides touch the skin they signal the cell nucleus to create essential matters as collagen and elastin, this way there is a natural renewal inside the skin cells. Actually this is the same process that occurs in the years the body is still in its growth or in situations the skin renews itself due to injury. The skin rebuilds itself rapidly and effectively, the result is a younger and fresher skin. The tiny peptides also called Nano technology because of their size and their ability to penetrate the skin. The peptides activity in the skin is called Bio mimetic, meaning to imitate the natural activity of the skin for cosmetics needs.

The peptides and amino acids are based as first layer to all Laor cosmetic treatments. They combine well with whitening, moisture and nourishment products to create a natural renewal of the skin and a radiant, fresh and vital look.

The products are natural, active and unique due to the enormous change in the skin in a short time.

In addition to the home treatment, there are supportive beauty treatments.

LAOR provides additional services to give the client a whole shopping experience such as:

Home deliveries
Car deliveries
Custom made perfumes

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