Ori Laor

Ori Laor is a visionary leader for Beauty, Skin care, Anti-aging and well-being. He worked in beauty and style departments for television in New York and Tel Aviv, before founding LAOR, his own House for natural Beauty introducing a revolutionary line of professional cosmetic products and treatments for the face.

Ori entered the natural cosmetics world with a unique world-view and with one simple honest purpose: to create a different kind of cosmetic that was Natural and effective. His desire was that each product would provide each individual with the essence of beauty, based on effective ingredients.

Now, for the past 17 years, Ori has been designing the products that Men and women across the world love, helping them to look and feel younger by using his renowned methods for Anti-aging.

Today, Laor manufactures small batches of each product in the strictest of production processes, ensuring that the amount of the active ingredients is saved and customers enjoy freshener and more effective creams.

Every Laor product is still developed and produced with tight personal supervision from Ori himself, from the first stage of the original idea through the experiments and improvements and ending with the final product. The best cream that can be manufactured.