Professional Para Medical Face treatment with Professional7 method.

The Professional7 – Is a series of professional natural products intended for use with professional Face therapists. The series provides a flexible solution for a quick and accurate treatment for all skin types and skin problems – particularly Pigmentation, Seborrhea, Acne, Wrinkles and Sensitive skin.

The Professional7 is a unique and very concentrated series of products containing advanced paramedical ingredients, with high effective results. The treatment protocol of LAOR guarantees success with every patient receiving professional treatment at the SPA. The results continue at home with the complementary treatment of Laor LayearSystem7 products. The 7 step method of Laor is easy to implement and provides a comprehensive and accurate response to all types of skin problems, using minimum products.

The Professional7 is cost-effective for you and the most effective for your patient skin, simple to learn and very easy to carry out, shortens the treatment time with the skin and brings the best results you can get with cosmetic treatments today

  • The only company in Israel that treat all seven layers of the skin.
  • Specializes in all skin problems: Seborrhea, Pigmentation, Anti-Aging, Acne and Wrinkles
  • The products are adapted specifically for sensitive skin and treat all skin types.
  • A wide range of products and professional treatment for home use.
  • A series of coordinated and cost-effective products to address all skin problems.
  • All products are pre-numbered in order of use.
  • The Professional7 is a Quick treatment system. Excellent for the professional therapist and for the client at home.
  • Natural products without mineral oil, Paraben, petrochemicals and SLS.
  • Contribute to immediate results for all skin problems.

Professional treatment using Laor 7 Layers system

Laor introduces a professional care system unique and practical for optimal performance over time. The method is easy to implement and provides a comprehensive and accurate response to all types of skin problems, using minimum products.

How does LAOR method work ? It’s simple

All Laor products are numbered as one single series.  The series Includes 7 stages respectively to the 7 layers of the skin. Each product has its own unique number and quality and the use of the products as part of the treatment is in chronological order, namely implementing them by their numbers: in ascending order, from small to large. Voila

For easy use and handling, all the excellent products of Laor are marked on the package for what type of skin they are appropriate to. Hence, the treatment protocol is amazingly simple works chronologically and recommends and suggests exactly which product numbers to be used in ascending order, for any issue or problem of the skin.

When it is necessary to tackle a persistent skin problem, it is recommended to use another product from the same stage, the combination of two or more products from the same stage give more deep and effective result.

We strive for the highest quality of products and for the best methods of treatments, reflected in clean, Smooth and glamorous skin.