LAOR Regime

The Healthiest way to take care of your skin

Your skin is like a mirror to your physical and emotional state, it reflects your way of living, your age, the extent of your serenity or of stress; it is subjected to the influence of many external elements like weather, nutrition , smoking, hormonal changes and more. The skin is a breathing live tissue, it enables your body to get rid of toxic and absorb nourishing substances and functions truly as a vent to the various body systems. Therefore it is so important to use only cosmetics produced from natural ingredients, not to block the natural processes of the skin, to nourish it well and to avoid unwanted reactions like allergy or sensitivity.

Unfortunately most of the cosmetics and care products contain harmful chemicals which block the pores and may create many health problems. In contrary Laor products are perfectly natural and have a similar chemical structure of the skin, this way they give your skin better cleanse, care, and nourishments without stimulation or risk. Not Only that Laor’s products do not harm your health, they actually contribute it and give your skin vitamins, minerals and Essential oils. Loar formula is rich in its range of active ingredients which penetrate the epidermis and enrich the skin. The Essential oils transfer and carry oxygen to the body cells and especially to the skin.

Beyond that Laor brings you the latest breakthroughs in Bio and Nano technology and offers you the most innovative products based on natural advanced Amino Acids. The revolutionary Peptides made from amino acids in laor products accelerate the natural renewal of your skin cells and provide you the newest treatment that nature and science can offer.

The natural effective cosmetics give an answer and excellent results for all type of skin in every stage in life.

The risk and problem in regular cosmetics

Throughout our lives we use broad amount of cleansing and care products thinking we benefit our bodies, nourish and care for the skin. Our daily routine includes many preparation beginning with soap, shampoo through creams ending with deodorant. The thing is we are not aware that the regular cosmetics do not contribute to the skin and our health, to be more precise it is harming it due to vast range of chemicals stimulators in it; hormones which disrupt the natural activity of the body, carcinogenic substances and more risk factors for sever diseases.

It is hard to believe, but the tempting toiletries and cosmetics which are available on the shelves, even large part of the baby products, are in fact beautiful packages of dangerous toxins that might create a significant hazard to our health. All the more so, most of the regular cosmetics in the world contain very little active ingredients; therefore their effect is really low even if their price is very high.

Laor offers a cosmetic line with answers to all your needs and allows you to enjoy natural cosmetics, clean from harmful substances and dangerous chemicals. Laor Products are rich in natural progressed ingredients; providing excellent results time after time.