LAOR Products

From today you start to enjoy Laor Natural Products. It will provide your skin the best care that nature and science has to offer. Our Guiding Strategy is to use minimum ingredients together at a level of maximum affectivity to enhance the power of the product. Laor products are based on Proven Amino acids like A/BHA, Retinol, Advanced Peptides, Essential oils and more. Laor Products work with full respect to the skin so they do not contain colorants, fragrance and harmful Preservatives. Harmony is the key element in our products so all of them integrate perfectly one with the other in our system to achieve a perfect radiant skin.

For your convenience our products are already numbered on the package according to the order of their use.

Therefore it doesn’t matter which product you will buy or what is the number, just apply the creams with the lower numbers in the first layers and go your way up for the rest of the layers.

Enjoy :)